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QA Sphere is the test management system that empowers your team to ship more reliable software.

Discover QA Sphere: the test management system designed for speed and simplicity in software testing.

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How QA Sphere works

QA Sphere acts like a digital checklist for managing tests. You build a library of test cases, then plan your tests by picking from that library. As testing goes on, QA Sphere keeps tabs on the results and who's doing the testing.

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Comprehensive QA Toolset

Our features focus on practicality, speeding up your work while ensuring precision. It's test management that's clear-cut, cohesive, and smart.

Efficient Test Cycles

Optimize Your QA Workflow

Discover the features that make QA Sphere the smart choice for efficient test management.

Test Cases Management

Effortlessly categorize, tag, and prioritize your test cases.

Advanced Test Runs

Use complex queries to create detailed test runs.

Issue Tracker Integration

Connect issue tracker with QA Sphere to file bug reports quickly.

Simple and fresh

Enjoy a user-friendly interface designed for ease and efficiency.

Effortless Import and Export

Seamlessly transfer your data in and out with our intuitive import and export tools.

Progress Visualization

Easily track your test run completion with dynamic, at-a-glance progress indicators.

Import your test cases with ease

We have built-in CSV import and our dedicated team can help with more complex cases.

With QA Sphere, you can migrate any existing test cases you might have in Excel files or other test management tools by importing them via CSV. You can also create new test cases in bulk by scripting them in Excel or Google Sheets and importing them to your QA Sphere instance via CSV.
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Product Reviews

See what people from different companies say about QA Sphere


From my experience with QA Sphere, I've found it to be a real booster in test management. Loved the sleek design and efficient feature set. The organized test libraries and scheduling capabilities have helped us maintain a seamless workflow without unnecessary clutter. Definitely a valuable addition to our toolkit!

Dima Panchuk

Co-Founder @ Opsenic


Great solution for process that is often overlooked! Nice and intuitive design is what differentiate QA Sphere from other tools on the market.

Oleksandr Buratynskyi

Founder @tTravel and Certified QA Manager


I like clean, minimalistic UI, even being Software Engineer I can see the state of the software clean. Most tools I've user has just unpleasant 90s interface so I avoid them – thus gap between QA and Dev departments. This is high quality product for quality assurance – I wish more such tools for the QA and Dev Engineers!

Dmytro Khainas

CTO @ Customsrates

You got a message from the CEO...

Hey 👋, I’m Andrian, founder of Hypersequent.
In my previous 15 years career as a CTO, I learned one thing: quality in software is non-negotiable. That’s why I created QA Sphere.
QA Sphere is a no-nonsense, efficient Test Management System. It’s fast, user-friendly, and integrates seamlessly with your workflow.
Built from real QA experiences, it’s about getting the job done right, without the clutter.
We’re here to streamline your QA process, making sure quality is the core of your software!
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  • User provisioning and deprovisioning
  • 200 GB attachment space
  • Priority support
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Questions & Answers

  • Absolutely! You can start with a fully-featured, 30-day free trial. It includes all features and requires no credit card. It's the perfect way to experience everything QA Sphere has to offer.

  • When your trial wraps up, you have the option to continue your QA Sphere journey by choosing one of our subscription plans. If you have 3 users or less, you can switch to Free plan. Otherwise you can choose from our Standard or Business plans.

  • Definitely! We understand that your needs might change. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time through the app's Billing section.

  • You can integrate with your favorite automation tools. We have the API and cli tool to help you integrate with your automation tools.

  • If you find that QA Sphere isn't the right fit, you can cancel at any time. You'll retain access until the end of your current billing cycle, with no further renewals.

  • We're here to help! If you have any other queries or need assistance, feel free to email us at [email protected]. We love hearing from you and are always ready to assist.

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